Sinchron Trinary Clock The purpose of the clock is to display the time. The clock is a device for measuring  the time in units less than astronomical day. We all know that one astronomical day lasts  for 24 hours. From midnight to noon the day grows — after noon the day starts going  down. This is the main principle of Sinchron Ternary Clock. From midnight to noon clock  count positive: 1, 2, 3 up to 12. After the noon the day goes down and count of hours left  till the end of the day begins in the negative way. For example, value of -3 hours means  that there is only 3 hours left till the midnight, in other words it displays 9p.m. (21.00).  Thus, instead of common clock reading from 0 to 24 we have an interval from 0 to 12 and  from -11 to 0. Time point on Sinchron Clock is defined by position of curves. For example,  concavity in the middle means the beginning of the interval, from peak to concavity values  decrease. Clock use 3 curves to display change of hours, minutes and seconds. These  curves have different color and amplitude: red for hours, green for minutes and blue for  seconds. Available for: Android Expected for: Bada, Brew MP, Palm webOS, Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone classic